Protecting the consumer's right to choose alternatives for simplicity, dignity, and economy in funeral arrangements

Founded in 1972 as the Idaho Memorial Association, the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Idaho has more than 500 members. We are a consumer information organization promoting education about funeral arrangements and providing oversight to the funeral industry. We are a non-profit (501(c)(4)) Idaho corporation. We contract with local funeral providers to provide basic services to our members at a reasonable price. We're democratically controlled and open to anyone, regardless of sex, race, religion, or nationality. Our unpaid board of directors is elected from the membership and administers association affairs. Other members help by telephoning, research, speaking, and telling others about our goals.

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FCAI is affiliated with the national Funeral Consumers Alliance. This affiliation provides important resources for consumers, assures reciprocal arrangements for members should they die while away from home, and facilitates transfer of membership for members who move out of state.

Our board members and officers as of July, 2022 are:

Susan Randall - President
Nancy Gledhill - Vice president
Sandy Carter - Treasurer
Jeff Snyder - Secretary
Paula Davis - Membership Secretary
Rex Hanson - Media Secretary
Charles Bonney - Past president


Funeral Consumers Alliance of Idaho, Inc.
PO Box 1919
Boise ID 83701-1919
(208) 426-0032