Membership in the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Idaho is available for a single lifetime payment of $35 per member. Dependent minors may be included at no cost.

Our affiliation with the national Funeral Consumers Alliance provides reciprocal membership arrangements when members move or die while away from home. (Print a copy of this transfer application form and send it to us if you're a member of an affiliate who's moving to Idaho.)

To join: Print the application form below, and send Send the completed form with your check or money order to:
Funeral Consumers Alliance of Idaho, Inc.
PO Box 1919
Boise ID 83701-1919

You can also find the form on our membership brochure.

Membership Application Form

Name Date of Birth
Name Date of Birth
Address Telephone & Date
City State ZIP Emergency contact other than spouse
Email Amount received
I'm interested in volunteering:
  • ___Board of directors
  • ___Newsletter
  • ___Mailings
  • ___Speaking to groups
  • ___Computer
  • ___Price surveys
  • ___Legislation research
  • ___Clerical
  • ___Marketing
How did you hear about FCAI?
  • ___Friend or family member
  • ___Brochure from kiosk
  • ___Newsletter
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