Comparative Cost of Funeral Services in Idaho, April 2011

This survey is based on information provided in the General Price List (GPL) of responding mortuaries for minimal services (removal of the body, immediate burial or direct cremation with no funeral service, no cremation container, and no casket). Cemetery costs for burial are not included.

A history of price ranges from our surveys over the years is also available.

Consumers should review mortuaries' GPLs carefully when comparing. See the publication How to read a mortuary's general price list.

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Funeral Home Location Region Direct
FCAI Cooperating Mortuary Meridian SW 730 755 FCAI member price at Accent Funeral Home includes minimal casket, container
Accent Funeral Home Meridian SW 1,190 960  
Alden-Waggoner Funeral Chapel Boise SW 1,700 * 1,450 * $500 discount from direct cremation price shown if paid at time of arrangement.
Alsip & Persons Funeral Chapel Nampa SW 1,695 2,165  
Baxter Funeral Home Ashton SE 1,775 1,495  
Boise Funeral Home
Aclesa Chapel
Boise SW 980 * 850 * Basic cremation casket included
Bowman Funeral Parlor Garden City SW 925 1,195  
Challis Funeral Home Challis S-central 1,680 5,000  
Chapel of the Chimes Meridian SW 1,695 2,165  
Cremation Society of Idaho Boise SW 820 1,395  
Dakan Funeral Chapel Caldwell SW 1,625 2,625  
Demaray Gooding Chapel Gooding, Wendell, Shoshone S-central 1,600 1,600  
Downard Hansen Funeral Home Pocatello SE 1,154 2,836  
Flahiff Funeral Chapel Caldwell SW 1,395 1,290  
Malcom's Brower-Wann Funeral Home Lewiston N/central 1,000 1,363 Prices from 2010 survey
Nampa Funeral Home Nampa SW 1,225 1,225  
Potter Funeral Chapel Emmet SW 1,495 2,930  
Relyea Funeral Chapel Boise SW 1,675 1,875  
Salmon River Funeral Chapel Salmon SE 1,680 5,000  
Serenity Funeral Chapel Twin Falls S-central 1,295 1,595  
Summers Funeral Home Boise SW 1,785 * 2,585 * Minimal casket and container included
Vassar Rawls Funeral Home Lewiston N/Central 1,105 1,230 Prices from 2010 survey
Wilks Funeral Home Chubbuck SE 1,450 1,450 Prices from 2010 survey
Wood Funeral Home Idaho Falls SE 1,655 1,617 Prices from 2010 survey
Wood River Chapel Hailey S-central 2,239 2,515 Prices from 2010 survey

Last updated: April 17, 2011

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